Patient Testimonials

I truly appreciate Dr. Lara Mabry and Dr. Shannon Spalding and all the staff at the dental office for all they have done for many years for the people with whom I work with who experience developmental disabilities and are covered by Medicaid. Everyone at the office has been very caring and compassionate and welcoming. It is evident that additional efforts are made for patients with special needs and who have special requirements for dental work. The quality of the work is outstanding.

One of the most important aspects has been their willingness to perform dental procedures at a hospital if a patient requires anesthesia. To my knowledge, they are the only office in Anchorage willing to do this, and for these individuals it is the only way that dental work can be accomplished. They seem to make sure that every patient has the best dental care possible regardless of what is required to make that happen.

Chuck Wright - Guardian and Care Coordinator

"My son is 23 years old and disabled. He need a full oral restoration. Dr. Mabry gives expert and courteous care and in 4 appointments she achieved to give my son a healthy and beautiful smile. We love Dr. Mabry and highly recommend her service."

Claudia M.

"I have been a patient since I first moved to Alaska in 1992. I have always received the best of care from any of the doctors I have seen. They have fit me in when I have had a dental emergency. They go above and beyond for their patients. They are the "BEST."

Kathleen K.

"I have always received the most person care at Mabry DDS. Always taking time to inform me on the best steps forward to help me have a great, healthy smith that gives me confidence. I need with my family, friends and business associates. Thanks from a happy patient. "

Leon R.

"Dr. Lara Mabry is a true angel who manages to keep her wings hidden from view. She has continuously managed to make my heart smile even bigger with every visit we have. She is truly the most compassionate, caring, talented, generous, selfless, humble doctor you will ever meet. Dr. Mabry has her work cut out for her in our case. I have a beautiful special needs daughter who requires specialized care in every sense of the word, not to mention extensive dental assistance! Not only has Dr. Mabry provided unparalleled care to my daughter, her entire staff is without a doubt, the most remarkable team around. Their dedication, fortitude, and passion for what they do absolutely makes this office the best in the world, hands down!"

Heather Johnson - Over-protective mother of a beautiful special needs young lady